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Story last updated at 6:17 PM on Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How will borough mayoral candidates vote on Props 1 & 2?

Proposition 1: Repeal of the seasonal sales tax on nonprepared food items. A yes vote will repeal the nine-month exemption. A no vote will continue the nine-month exemption.

Dale Bagley: Yes. But reduce the property tax to keep the revenue the same.

Debbie Brown: No. The voters approved this exemption during the October 2008 regular election.

Mike Navarre: Yes. Our budget is a little bit out of balance with expenditures and revenues.

Fred Sturman: No. Because the people voted for it.

Gary Superman: Yes. Every time you diminish the sales tax, it eventually finds its way over to the property tax.

Proposition 2: Increasing borough sales tax from 3.0 to 3.1 with the additional 0.1 percent to be used for economic development purposes. A yes vote will increase sales tax by 0.1 percent to be used solely for economic development purposes. A no vote will leave the sales tax rate at its current level of 3.0 percent.

Bagley: No. But I support funding nondepartmentals. The borough needs to decide what level of funding and hold the agencies accountable.

Brown: No. Sales tax should be used exclusively for funding schools and education.

Navarre: No. Whether or not those items are included in the budget, should be done in an open and public process on the budget.

Sturman: No. You're taxing everybody but giving it to specific groups. I don't think we need more money, we need to stop spending so much.

Superman: No. I'm not for any kind of targeted taxation.

Candidate Tim O'Brien could not be reached for comment.