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Story last updated at 6:06 PM on Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grant Lake project: a boondoggle

George Matz's Sept. 7 Point of View assessment of HEA's plan to dam Grant Lake above Moose Pass is required reading for HEA members and management. HEA management wants to get $4 million (maximum available) of your state money for dam construction right now even though they are years behind on the most basic feasibility assessments. They don't know if the Grant Lake dam is economically or environmentally feasible. They do know, because they've heard it loudly from the folks on the eastern side of the peninsula, that the dam is not wanted or needed.

The whole project is a boondoggle. At best, it will provide 2.5 megawatts a blink of power. In exchange for that, the headwaters of the Kenai River will become industrialized, no jobs will be created, historic resources will be flooded, habitat will be ruined.

HEA has proven themselves to be incompetent and yet they have the penstocks to ask that other viable statewide energy projects take a back seat while they stash the cash for construction of a ill-suited dam. Homer HEA members need to send an email to HEA asking them to bail on this poorly conceived project.

Mark Luttrell