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Story last updated at 6:16 PM on Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Homer's Best Bets

You might be busy with life and not have noticed, but apparently there's an election going on. Dip into the blogosphere and daily there seems to be another thrilling account of a debate. Yup, we're talking the grand slog toward who will be the Republican Party candidate for president. The front runner shifts weekly, which the Betster finds amusing seeing how there hasn't even been a primary election yet.

Not that at Latitude 59 degrees a Tea Party debate in Florida matters. We've got other stuff on our minds, like how the heck we're going to finish all those chores before freeze up. In the cosmological scheme of things, summer apparently is like a quantum particle. You're not sure it ever was there until you try to see it, and then it's gone. In a good summer the days are so fabulous you just want to bask in the sun and on a bad summer they're so awful you can't do anything anyway.

Well, buck up. Fall offers a short respite, one last chance to get 'er done before all your projects get buried under 15 feet of snow and you can forget about them. Driving around some Homer homesteads, that seems to be the usual plan. Don't go there. Work on those projects, Betsteroids, and when you're done, relax a little bit with some of these Best Bets:

BEST SMILE AND SAY 'DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM' BET: You do have your Homer Public Library card, don't you? Here's your chance to be famous and celebrate the new library's fifth birthday. From 10 a.m.-6 p.m. today, Friday and Saturday. photographers will be at the library to snap a picture of you and your card. Photos go up on the web. On Saturday from noon-4 p.m. it's the library's celebration, with a barbecue, kids activities and other fun stuff.

BEST OLD MCDONALD BET: Well, that should be Mossy, not Mac, but yes, she has Seaside Farm, one of Homer's booming agribusinesses. Take the kids out for an afternoon at Mossy Kilcher's farm from noon-1 p.m. Saturday out East End Road past Kachemak Drive. Pet a young bull, pick raspberries and learn about farming, Homer style.

BEST THE EAGLE LADY HAS LANDED BET: Friends and family of Jean Keene loved her so much they passed the hat and raised some bucks to build her a memorial. Artist Brad Hughes sculpted the bench and mural. Honor Homer's Eagle Lady, meet the artist, and see the unveiling and dedication of the memorial from 3-5 p.m. Saturday on the beach at Land's End Resort.

BEST GOT YER BACK BET: Veterans from all services and organizations, join your comrades for the annual Veterans Family Picnic, held noon-4 p.m. at the American Legion on East End Road. There's a barbecue, games and music by the Mismatched Mukluks and Andre Drake and the 8 Mile Band. Representatives from the Kenai Veterans Medical Clinic will be on hand to give flu shots and provide other care.

BEST IN YOUR BACKYARD BET: It's not often the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly does this, but assembly members will be in Homer next week for a regular meeting. The day begins with committee meetings at 2:45 p.m. Tuesday and continues with the meeting at 7 p.m. at Homer City Hall.