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Story last updated at 5:06 PM on Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Council starts annual capital projects review

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In a work session Monday afternoon, the Homer City Council started one of the items on its fall punch list: revising the annual top-15 list of capital improvement projects, or CIPs. The list is used for the city's needs assessment and to give Homer's representatives in the Alaska Legislature a ranking of projects for which the city seeks state funding.

Community and economic development director Katie Koester presented the council with a draft list of 16 proposed new projects and gave the council a take-home assignment, to rank the projects.

"That is your homework, to go over these projects," she said.

What has been deleted from last year's CIP list shows the success of the CIP list combined with volunteer efforts, creative funding and some good old fashioned lobbying. Projects deleted include:

• Homer High School track renovations funded through a Kenai Peninsula Borough and citizen supported legislative grant request,

• End of the Road Wayside, phase 1, funded through a 2011 cruise ship head tax appropriation,

• Karen Hornaday Park, phase 1 improvements, done through the Homer Playground Project, a volunteer effort, and support from a state grant, donations and foundation grants, and

• The Homer Area Natural Gas Pipeline, last year's big grant request that finally was approved.

City commissions reviewed proposed projects and ranked them. Projects also were identified from highest priority, level 1, to lowest priority, or level 3. Projects proposed but not yet ranked are:

• Fire cart replacements at the Homer Harbor, priority 1;

• System 2 potable water upgrade at the harbor, priority 1;

• Port and Harbor building, priority 1

• A public market in the Town Center, priority 2;

• A public safety building to house a new fire hall and police station, priority 2;

• Homer Education and Recreation Center upgrades, priority 2;

• Jack Gist Park improvements, phase 2, priority 2;

• Karen Hornaday Park phase 2 improvements, priority 2;

• Outer dock road improvements to improve a gravel road that provides truck access to the Deep Water Dock, priority 2;

• System 5 dry line fire system for the large-boat dock;

• Ramp 5 harbor restroom, priority 2;

• Fish Dock Road repaving, priority 2;

• System 4 vessel mooring float system, priority 2;

• Harbor entrance erosion control, priority 1; and

• Ramp 8 harbor restroom, priority 3.

A public hearing on the CIP list will be held at the city council's Sept. 24 meeting. The final list is to be adopted at the Oct. 8 meeting.

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