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Story last updated at 4:39 PM on Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Roundabouts not the best answer

I just perused your paper and read the article on roundabouts planned by 2016 for the four-way stop at Pioneer and Lake Street. I stay pretty well up on the activities of our city and no decision was made there. I believe or know that the residents of Homer should have a voice in this decision. I realize they are state-owned roads, but we drive on them.

Roundabouts: 1. Are very costly in acquiring land (each owner will want the best price they can get); 2. They take up more land than stoplight systems and you would be taking the frontage or parking from several local business owners (not good); 3. Going through a winter like last time, maintaining the roads of snow was absolutely nearly impossible for one lane and a turning lane; 4. Last, but not least, Homer residents in the majority are retired, elderly and have never had to face new driving systems. We live here and DOT does not and we should be considered in all these factors. When I drive up to Anchorage I choose to use the exits that do not have roundabouts in place because they are so confusing to one that hasnt been told how they work and what lane takes you where.

Stop Lights: 1. Less costly to install; 2. Less land needed to acquire as usually just a left turning lane is added; 3. Young or elderly or retired, we all know what to do with a stoplight system and can get in the lane we know will take us to our destination; 4. Confusion by those of us who have never driven or conquered roundabouts most likely will create accidents or snarl traffic up while being educated.

I am 78 years old and do all our driving as my husband no longer drives. Please dont treat us retired and elderly by doing what the younger generation wants. Let all the residents and DOT planners meet and have a voice in this plan after all it is our town and we reside here.

Gloria Corey