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Story last updated at 4:44 PM on Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alaskans interests need protection

So when was the last time you heard a tourist say Lets go see the strip mine this year. I just cant see mom and dad standing on the edge of a filthy abyss telling their kids, Yes, siree, kids, millions of salmon spawned here at one time, but its all gone now in the name of making a few individuals rich, so put your gas masks back on and well go back to our hotel for some farm fresh genetically engineered salmon.

I really dont think that millions of people would come to our beautiful state, spending lots of money for that. Just doesnt bring a warm fuzzy image for a trip of a lifetime.

Then there are all the wildlife, residents and Alaska Natives who have relied on the salmon for food and subsistence since the beginning of time as we know it. So the issue of coal mining or any mining for that matter versus salmon is an absolute no brainer, and I would ask Gov. Parnell to once and for all put a stop to it. You were elected as governor of the state to put the interests of all the people before the interests of the rich corporations, werent you?

Buck D. Curry