Story last updated at 3:25 p.m. Thursday, September 12, 2002

Homer Police
Information about fire, police and troopers is taken from public records consisting of logbooks and press releases.

Aug. 28

A man at 8:32 a.m. reported having to drive 30 mph all the way in from Mile 8 East End Road because a log truck tractor-trailer in front of him had a flat tire on the trailer.

A woman at 5:06 p.m. reported seeing a man in a pickup truck arguing with a woman on the sidewalk on East End Road. He said the woman was crying. Police could not locate them.

A man at 5:48 p.m. reported a driver in a 1999 Subaru backed into his vehicle on the Bypass, then backed into it a second time.

A woman at 8:09 p.m. reported four men outside her Grubstake Avenue home and that one man had a rifle.

A man at 9:38 p.m. reported an ultralight aircraft appeared to go into the water off the bluff. The ultralight was located safe at the airport.

Aug. 29

Police at 2:56 a.m. received a report of a fight at Duggan's Pub on Bunnell Avenue.

Sept. 3

An anonymous caller at 10:19 a.m. reported a truck parked on the sidewalk in front of First Class Second Hand store on Pioneer Avenue, blocking the sidewalk and forcing pedestrians to walk into the street.

A man at 11:21 a.m. reported finding a small safe in with construction debris.

A woman at 5:22 p.m. reported a stray black-and-white cat running wild in the Rangeview Avenue area. The woman said the cat jumped at her children and scratched another child.

A man at 5:34 p.m. made a "report every drunk driver immediately" complaint that men in a white van appeared to be drunk and tried to buy alcohol at Petro Express on the Bypass.

A woman at 5:50 p.m. dropped off at the police station a medium-size black-and-gray dog running loose on Pioneer Avenue.

Police at 6:30 p.m. received several calls regarding a possibly injured sea lion on the west side of the Spit.

A man at 7:52 p.m. reported six men came to Karen Hornaday Park and broke up a picnic table.

Police at 8:09 p.m. received a report that a dog had been tied up at a sign at Hornaday Park and left for over four hours.

Police at 11:01 p.m. stopped a vehicle on East End Road and found the 22-year-old male driver did not have a valid license.

Sept. 4

Police at 9:42 p.m. received a report of a driver in a new Ford pickup spinning brodies in the sand at Mariner Park as the tide came in. Police could not locate the vehicle.

Sept. 5

A man at 12:22 p.m. reported a man approached him at the post office and yelled at him. He said he has had an ongoing problem with the suspect stalking him.

A woman at 12:37 p.m. reported three pieces of art left on consignment for sale at the Bunnell Street Gallery had been stolen on Aug. 23.

Police at 1:56 p.m. received a report of a man panhandling in front of Petro Express on the Bypass.

A woman at 3:22 p.m. reported two infants and a small boy left unattended in a vehicle parked at Eagle Quality Center.

A woman at 5:39 p.m. reported that while turning onto Lee Street from Main Street she heard a "boom" sound and then noticed her car's rear window was shattered.

A woman at 8:56 p.m. reported hearing gunshots fired in the Mission Road area.

Sept. 6

Police at 5:32 a.m. received a 911 call from intoxicated people at a Bunnell Avenue address. They investigated and found everything OK, but suspected one of the callers might be violating his probation.

A man at 11:26 a.m. reported to police that a former student refused to leave the high school.

A man at 5:30 p.m. reported someone stole money out of his bank accounts.

A 25-year-old woman at 6:55 p.m. reported losing her wallet somewhere in Homer. She later reported finding her wallet in the trunk of her vehicle.

A man at 8:54 p.m. reported people in a small silver car drove by on Main and Bunnell streets and threw garbage all over the road.

Police at 9:57 p.m. stopped a 51-year-old man in a 1986 Jeep for having a broken taillight. They issued him a summons for driving without a valid license.

Police at 10:48 p.m. arrested a 23-year-old man at Mile 1.5 Kachemak Drive for driving while intoxicated, driving while license suspended, revoked or cancelled and refusal to submit to a chemical test.

Sept. 7

Police at 2:15 a.m. arrested a 25-year-old man for DWI and referred him for violation of probation conditions.

A man at 3:13 a.m. reported seeing two boys opening car doors in the Main and Bunnell street area. Police chased the boys but could not catch them.

Police at 1:40 p.m. received a REDDI report of a driver in a bronze van heading into Homer from Fritz Creek. Police stopped the man and arrested him on a warrant for failure to appear in court.

A man at 1:59 p.m. reported his 15-year-old daughter missing since 4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 6.

A man at 5:16 p.m. reported a loose dog on Hohe Street bit his son while the boy walked his bike up the road.

A woman at 7:32 p.m. called from the harbor and said she wanted to leave but her boyfriend would not give her the car keys

A man at 8:02 p.m. reported about a dozen vehicles being driven recklessly in the Bishop's Beach area. Police talked with two juvenile drivers and warned them about speeding.

Troopers at 9:35 p.m. asked police to assist them with a disruptive patient at the hospital emergency room who had been brought in from a vehicle accident on the North Fork. Police arrested the 47-year-old man on a probation violation.

Police at 11:58 p.m. made a routine traffic stop and arrested a passenger, a 28-year-old man, on a probation violation.

Sept. 8

A bartender at 1:40 a.m. called from a Pioneer Avenue bar and asked for help with a disturbance in the parking lot. Police arrested a 30-year-old man on a warrant for failure to appear in court.

A man at 3:13 a.m. reported a woman screaming and yelling at a pay phone at Bartlett Street and Pioneer Avenue. Police found the woman and gave her a ride home.

A woman at 1:54 p.m. reported two moose racks and a set of caribou antlers stolen off a pump house near Mile 3.5 East End Road.

A man at 6:59 p.m. reported a woman yelled obscenities from a second-story balcony at a Main Street building.

Sept. 9

Police at 1:30 p.m. went to a two-vehicle collision with minor injuries at Pioneer Avenue and Main Street. Police cited a 55-year-old man for failure to provide proof of insurance.

Police at 6:35 p.m. received a report of men snagging salmon at the Fishing Hole.

Soldotna troopers at 10:49 p.m. asked police to check the Homer airport for an overdue aircraft. Troopers later located the aircraft in Eagle River.

Sept. 10

A woman at 1:40 a.m. reported a black bear in garbage on the porch of a Mattox Road home.