Story last updated at 3:21 p.m. Thursday, September 12, 2002

Good sense needed as negotiations resume
After a months-long hiatus, negotiations between the Kenai Peninsula School District and unions representing teachers and support staff resume today. It's no secret to people who have followed the negotiations that they have not gone well. A process that should be conducted by public employees with a common goal has degenerated into a bitter, nasty and litigious mess. (See story.)

Recent days have given us reason to hope that the divisiveness would subside. But the school district's seeming willingness to set a good example and get back to the business at hand without the unnecessary distraction of all the lawsuits, disciplinary action and unfair labor practice charges has apparently gone out the window.

This kind of atmosphere is hardly conducive to good faith bargaining, and it seems unlikely that a swift and fair agreement can be reached.

So we wonder, where is the school board, three members of which are up for re-election next month, in all this? In the absence of good sense from those at the bargaining table, perhaps it is time for those elected to stand up for schools to do just that.