Story last updated at 3:00 p.m. Thursday, September 12, 2002

Kindness appreciated
The simple words of "thank you" could never express the deep gratitude we feel toward the wonderful folks in Homer who have kept us in their prayers and given so generously of their time, finances and gifts. We have always known how wonderful the people and the community of Homer are, and it's times like these that we feel the kindness that abounds.

Sandor will remain in the hospital rehab unit for a couple more weeks and then, Lord willing, we can bring him home. We believe God is going to completely heal him and allow him to walk again. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.

There is no way we could list the names of each person that has helped us in so many ways, but please know that your acts of kindness and prayers are truly a blessing to us. Thank you all once again, we look forward to seeing everyone real soon.

Terry, Jonnie and Sandor Yager


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