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Story last updated at 3:28 PM on Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Government by the people?

I applaud the wish of the Homer City Council to reduce waste and pollution but am very disappointed by the councils methods.

Its an unfortunate truth that many plastic bags of numerous types end up in the landfill, the ocean and strewn across the land instead of being recycled. So do plastic drink bottles, fishing line, etc. Why target plastic shopping bags but not plastic drink bottles, fishing line and the innumerable other plastics that end up as litter or in landfills? Hmm?

Why not educate and encourage shoppers to recycle? Why not offer customers reusable, eco-friendly bags, at cost, to encourage the use of them?

The ordinance banning plastic bags affects the entire community vendors and shoppers, locals and visitors and has valid pros and cons.

As a Homer resident, homeowner and taxpayer, it distresses me that our council members do not think enough of their constituents to let them make a decision of this magnitude. This ordinance has merit but is not something that should be decided by six people.

Government should be by the people, for the people. The decision to ban plastic shopping bags is something the citizens of Homer should decide not the council. Do the right thing repeal Ordinance 12-36(A) and let the voters make this decision.

Frances Murphey