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Story last updated at 3:32 PM on Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Community generosity evident

Even with the busy summer months, the generosity of our community continues to be displayed at the Homer Community Food Pantry. We have been blessed with generous donations of frozen fish and phenomenal vegetables from local gardeners who planted a row or two of vegetables for us. Thanks go to St. Augustines Episcopal Church, Homer United Methodist Church, Community Garden, the Homer Chamber of Commerce and the Saturday Market.

Its a beautiful thing watching the kind and generous people in our community give to others.

We are most grateful for the generous financial gift from the Jane Little Family Endowment Fund for their support of our efforts to help others. Also, the Community Chest Fund administered by the Homer Foundation continues to enable us to offer relief help to young families struggling with their bills. We are thankful for the privilege of being a bridge between our communitys generous spirit and those in need.

HavenChurch produced a Christian concert on Aug. 11 and donated their proceeds of $1,200 to their local food pantry. We have such great neighbors.

This past week since school has started, Delta Kappa Gamma has passed out school supplies to our local and Anchor Point students for the sixth year. They helped 90 students. A client wrote us a note that sums up this benevolent gesture. I was at the Pantry in line on Monday the day before school started. All of the children there were so happy to get new supplies for school including backpacks. One young girl was in tears she was so thrilled. I cried just watching her. Its true that kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

Many thanks, Homer, from our all volunteer army who want you to know every dime, every dollar of support goes to those in need of help.

Diana Jeska and the

Homer Community Food Pantry Board