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Story last updated at 3:29 PM on Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let voters decide plastic bag ban

Is Homer a quaint little fishing village with a plastic bag problem?

It never ceases to amaze me what Homer City Council will come up with next having lived in the community for 20 something years. The councils inability to stay focused on the real problems and needs of the city and fairly represent all the people, not just special interests has earned them their cosmic reputation, although the responsibility for this lies with the citizens of the city who dont or wont become involved and let these officials be voted in to office.

The really sad part of the story is that some of the ordinances that they enact effect the lives and businesses of the 10,000 people who live from the end of East End Road to Anchor Point. I would hope that the council would reconsider the bag issue and put it on the October ballot and let the 5,000 voters they are supposed to represent, not four council members, decide the fate for those who live, work and shop in the city of Homer.

Dave Weber