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Story last updated at 2:36 PM on Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Measures good for average Alaskan

Recently on Homer radio station KBBI, Alaska Charter Association representatives stated that there "could be unpleasant consequences," if halibut anglers choose to catch their fish without using a charter.

What's up with that? Are the halibut charter guys going to start shooting Alaska sportfishermen? Or do they think that Alaskans are too stupid and reckless to tackle our local waters?

I've got news for these yahoos. I've been sportfishing for halibut in Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet since I was a kid. When not making a living on the Bering Sea captaining a crab boat on "Deadliest Catch," I still enjoy catching a big "butt" on rod and reel once in a while. I don't need a potato farmer with a six-pack license telling me how dangerous my local waters are. Save your scare tactics for your out-of-state customers.

The proposed conservation measures for the longline and charter is a good thing for the average Alaskan. The unguided bag limits stay the same two fish, any size.

Don't let the charter industry push you off the water like they did on the Kenai River.

Captain Elliott Neese