Homer Alaska - Police & Court Reports

Story last updated at 2:37 PM on Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Aug. 22

Alaska Wildlife Troopers cited Brian F. Harrison, 58, of Homer, after investigation revealed he had operated more than two tanner crab pots with his vessel on Aug. 16.

AWT cited Brady L. Boone, 25, of Homer, for failing to seal a black bear hide and skull within 30 days of harvest. Boone harvested a bear in game management unit 15C in May and failed to seal it as required by law.

Aug. 23

AWT issued a summons to Fredrick C. Boden, 66, of Anchor Point, for failing to have the required ignition interlock device on the vehicle he was operating on the Sterling Highway near Anchor Point.

Aug. 24

AWT cited Peter A. Zimmerman, 63, of Homer, for sport fishing with more than one line while trolling Cook Inlet waters. AWT cited Kevin McDowell, 51, of Soldotna, for possessing tanner crab that measured less than 5.5 inches in width.

AWT cited Scott Glosser, 55, of Homer, for sport fishing more than one line in Cook Inlet waters.

AWT cited Aaron McDowell, 46, of Sterling, for failing to record tanner crab harvested in Kachemak Bay on his 2011 personal use tanner harvest permit as required.

AWT in Homer issued a summons to Charles A. Hoff Jr., 69, of Anchorage, for providing sportfishing guide services to sportfisherman without a current sport fish guide license. Investigation revealed Hoff had guided paying clients on two separate trips in July without having a current sport fishing guide license and failed to have his usual, properly licensed sportfishing guide aboard the vessel.

AWT contacted David C. Graham, 49, of Kenai, and two others after returning from a day trip on Kachemak Bay. Investigation revealed Graham had retained four halibut, two over the daily bag limit. The overlimit fish were seized and donated to charity.

Aug. 26

AWT in Cordova cited Fedosia Basargin, 33, of Homer, for taking an overlimit of four silver salmon from Ibeck Creek.