Story last updated at 1:20 p.m. Saturday, August 31, 2002

Eastland defends operation
Chris Bernard's article, "Running against the wind," (Homer News, Aug. 22) is so true. It was very accurate and covered most of the important details. Our compliments!

We feel that Homer Fire Chief Bob Painter's comments need to be addressed. About the only correct point he had was that we are ill-funded.

Mr. Painter has no idea of what or how we do things. His idea of us putting ourselves in harm's way has no bearing on him or our department. If we go into a smoking building and put ourselves in danger, their guys don't have to worry, as by the time they get there we will be deader than a doornail and be cremated. They cannot even get here to save the building, let alone anyone's life.

People's safety and danger is a cop-out, and we suggest Mr. Painter take some time to look at the positive aspects of the Eastland Fire Department and its new technology, which puts us way ahead of those people with closed minds. There is not a piece of equipment that will match the Eastland department's 5,000-gallon pump truck, and it is always ready to go.

There are not any other trailer-mounted fire units that go to the fire in the woods while the fire is so small.

Thanks to the Forestry sign and their cooperation, we have held major fires down to two fires. We have stopped seven other fires by community cooperation. The people don't mind calling us early, as they know we will not make a big issue of it. This is what makes the difference.

Lloyd Schade

Eastland Fire Department