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Story last updated at 4:55 PM on Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lets stop pooping in drinking water

While our planet is crying for potable water, we here in Homer increase the problem by installing a system to poop in clean fresh water, and by building more homes to hook up to that sewer. Our pure water should be used for watering gardens, drinking, cooking and cleaning our bodies.

We need to stop and think, is there another way? As a life-long Alaskan, Im used to thinking outside the box. My suggestion is this: humanure composting.

Chickens, cows, sheep, horses all produce manures valuable for composting. Yep, we humans are simply another source of black gold, as its called elsewhere.

The Asians call humanure night soil, and they regard humanure as most valuable.

Interest is growing in this valuable resource around the state, and worldwide.

Ive composted poop for years, using the Humanure Handbook by Joe Jenkins as my guide for how to compost humanure in a sanitary, safe way and produce rich, sweet-smelling compost for the garden. Yes, Alaskas long winters and cold climate warrant some special adaptations. Our Alaskan frontier back-to-the-land, can-do mindset can make Alaska the humanure composting center of America.

Yes we can.

Im all about sharing my experience through workshops and tours how simple it is to exit the status quo of pooping in gallons of potable water. As a benefit you will receive wheelbarrow loads of fine compost to enhance next generations gardens.

For current information contact: alaskaliberties@gmail.com or call 907-299-3603.

Michael Henri Glasgow