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Story last updated at 5:01 PM on Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fish more important than coal

Gov. Parnell has said several times he will never trade one resource for another. PacRim Coal, a Delaware corporation, is actively seeking state and federal permits to build and operate the Chuitna coal strip mine 45 miles west of Anchorage, near the communities of Tyonek and Beluga on the west side of Cook Inlet.

PacRim clearly states: Approximately 11 miles of total stream-channel (salmon) habitat will be removed during the mining operations. Allowing PacRim to mine through a salmon stream will set dangerous precedent for the state of Alaska. If they can do it here, they can do it anywhere.

PacRim has not provided a single example of a strip-mined wild salmon spawning and rearing habitat that has been restored to premining productivity.

The complex, genetically diverse wild Alaska salmon stocks found in the Chuit River cannot be recreated. We should never trade wild Alaska salmon for dirty coal to power China.

Sybille Castro



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