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Story last updated at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Teen cooking class happening again

The successful skill-focused youth cooking class is happening again at the R.E.C. Room on Friday. This session will be taught by local chef and restaurant owner, Donna Maltz. The menu primarily involves local vegetables and herbs from the R.E.C. Rooms Peoples Garden, the Farmers Market, and donated and purchased local veggies.

This class is completely free (thank you, Homer Foundations Youth Advisory Committee and funding support and local volunteers). Among the many skills and lessons youth will learn from this class are: methods and reasons to choose nutritious foods, learning to prepare food in a fun and healthy manner, the benefits of eating local and home cooked meals, an introduction to the career of culinary arts, as well as the positive social values in sitting down together to slowly enjoy a meal.

As our volunteer chef Donna Maltz believes, The essence of the quality food and beverages we choose to prepare and share together support our body, mind, spirit and the planet.

Please support any teenagers you may know to become involved by signing up in person during open R.E.C. Room hours (Monday-Thursday, 3-6 p.m.), via email, or by phone. The class is available for teens and young adults ages 12-20. Sign up now at www.recroom.kbfpc.org.

Happy harvesting,

Anna Meredith

Youth program manager