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Story last updated at 10:48 AM on Wednesday, August 29, 2012

'Tis the season for late produce at farmers' markets

By COLLEEN Rindlisbacher
For the Homer News


Photo by Colleen Rindlisbacher

Luba Dorvall displays her table loaded with colorful produce at the Anchor Point Farmers' Market.

Last week was a great week for the Anchor Point Farmers' Market. The veggies have been rolling in.

"We had the best produce we've had all year," said Al Poindexter, owner of the Anchor Point Greenhouse, where the market takes place.

Overall, 12 vendors showed, which is a good turnout for the market, and more than half of them had produce and the quality was excellent, according to Poindexter.

Dedicated vendors, RJ and Dawn Hoxie were there with wood work, greens and baked goods — including Dawn's chocolate cake brownies.

The fresh produce and other consistent items that were there included (but were not limited to) Swiss chard, cucumbers, zucchini, large ripe tomatoes, lots of greens, cauliflower, carrots, fresh chicken eggs, quail eggs, guinea hens, homemade cookies, handcrafted jewelry and some yummy looking muffins made with local hand-picked wild blueberries.

Tara Kain of Anchor Point purchased cauliflower, which she shared with her family, and had this to say: "It was delicious. I made cauliflower pizza with it and my kids loved it."

It was glad to hear how Kain, a previous vendor and local entrepreneur who will be opening her own natural health food store soon, uses her local produce. It's people like her who inspire others to think outside of the box when it comes to cooking vegetables for the family.

While volunteering at this market, I was fortunate enough to get to know many of the vendors on a more personal level as they shared their stories with me for "Meet the Vendor."

Dan and Luba Dorvall are among those vendors. They are small market vendors who typically sell their large varieties of fresh produce at the Homer Farmers' Market on Saturdays and Wednesdays, and occasionally sell their goods at the Anchor Point Farmers' Market on Mondays. When the Dorvalls do get the opportunity to make an appearance at the Anchor Point Farmers' Market they are welcomed with open arms. The Dorvalls are very easy to notice, just look for their giant, warm smiles and their large table of bright, beautiful produce.

"We like to say we're all about color. We have different varieties of all kinds of things," the Dorvalls say about their homegrown produce.

Personally, I have seen purple carrots, red radishes, dark green kale, and varieties of potatoes. Dan Dorvall said they took over the business from his wife's parents in 2006, and have been selling at the Homer Farmers' Market since 2007.

"We really enjoy doing it," Dan Dorvall said. "Actually my wife has been gardening since her parents first came here in 1968. They were one of the first of four families who began in (Nikolaevsk) at that time. All of the gardens we use are the original gardens from '68."

The Anchor Point Farmers' Market will continue its normal Monday market hours — from 3-7 p.m. — past Labor Day, due to the late arrival of produce this season. The market is located at the Anchor Point Greenhouse.

Colleen Rindlisbacher is part of the Anchor Point Farmers' Market.