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Story last updated at 6:09 PM on Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's new in the bay

Bay Science

Scientific observations, measurements and results help to inform the way we understand our world and the phenomenon occurring around us. The better we understand the physical and material environment in which we live, the better our actions, choices and decisions can be about the way we live in our environment. Thus, having access to effective science communication is very important.

If you aren't inclined to sit down with a scientific report or a journal, there are, fortunately, other ways to access scientific information.

The Kachemak Bay Research Reserve is one of many local organizations that outreaches scientific information to local communities. Through estuary hikes, evening presentations, brown bag lunches, Kids In Nature events, Coastal Training Program workshops and Discovery Labs, it is our mission to "enhance understanding and appreciation of the Kachemak Bay estuary to ensure that these ecosystems remain healthy and productive."

A spring Discovery Lab hosted at the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center highlighted 15 different research efforts being conducted in our local area. This venue encourages scientists to provide hands-on, engaging ways of sharing their research projects and results. In addition to this Discovery Lab, the Coastal Training Program has compiled a "What's New in the Bay" document that includes research thumbnails of more than 50 projects being conducted in the local area. For an electronic copy of this document, contact Megan Murphy, Coastal Training Program Coordinator, at 226-4653 or megan.murphy@alaska.gov.

For more information about Kachemak Bay, contact reserve staff at 235-4799 or visit their website at www.kbayrr.org.

Bay Science is sponsored by the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve.