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Story last updated at 5:23 PM on Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wythe will make a good mayor

Does anyone remember my letter to the editor when a certain Homer City Council member (former city planning commissioner, owner of several B&Bs, enjoys a nonprofit grant writing agency, owns Realtor business, etc., also advocated "behind closed door deals" manipulating owners to sell property dirt cheap to a good buddy)? Regretfully, these ambitious political figurehead wannabes come to Alaska with one agenda in mind ... big money. Homer has become a dollar sign in deceit.

Deceit is a disease. Greed is an out of balance emotion. The entities who would remove balance from nature to satisfy their own needs eventually sink their own ships. In the end, man and nature both suffer the taxpayers burden, and somebody got off with the cash prize.

When casting your vote for the new mayor of Homer, please be aware who you are giving the key of the city to. Instead of the same old cutthroat pressures of balancing the invisible budget off taxpayers' backs to get a few special interests in place, let's try a more nurturing method for living in this wonderful Homer Horn of Plenty For All.

In place of the insensitive back door bruises our tax-based dollar system has allowed us today (such unethical practices as they are), or, instead of tolerating the hateful good old boys "buddy" system that tends to elevate certain folks to unearned, undeserved heights of prosperity (just because one can drive a tractor doesn't mean one knows how to plow the field), let's try something totally new. Give the key to a woman this time and let her clean house. That's what women do best ... they clean out the cob webs, take out the trash and make the air smell good. It's good sense for good business. Feels like home already. Coffee, anyone?

Vote: Beth Wythe, for good, nurturing changes for Homer.

Maka Fairman