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Story last updated at 4:57 PM on Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vote Seaton, Micciche on Tuesday

We would like to express our appreciation to the people who have been, and continue to be, instrumental in bringing natural gas to the southern Kenai Peninsula communities of Ninilchik, Anchor Point, Nikolaevsk, and soon to the Old and New Sterling Highways into Homer and Kachemak City and potentially beyond. After nearly 50 years since the first North Fork well, natural gas is flowing economically to many businesses and homes in Anchor Point. This is the single most important economic development during that time.

The common thread through this expanding effort to date has been Rep. Paul Seaton. He has effectively worked with the Legislature, the administration, the producers, the pipeline contractors and Enstar to find a way to make this low-cost and safe energy available to his neighbors and constituents. He did not accomplish this by himself and would not claim such. His efforts have not been about ego, but results. He is intelligent and well informed and his instincts have been good.

It is very important that we realize that even greater effort will be required going forward, and continuity and historical perspective are critical to the success of this ongoing effort. It is definitely not a time to change horses in mid-stream. Paul was apparently effective in convincing the senator from outside our district to finally stop recommending that the governor veto the Anchor Point to Homer gas line, though the irony of redistricting and the current Senate race could have had something to do with that change of heart.

We have had zero representation in the Senate for a long time now, but we have a chance to change that by supporting and electing Peter Micciche, the current mayor of Soldotna, to that office. He has voluntarily term-limited himself out of that position after putting the house of Soldotna in very good order, and promises to do the same after two terms if he is elected to the Senate. He is well informed about the needs and diverse philosophies of our communities, including the south side of the bay, our American/Russian villages, the unincorporated areas and the bigger cities. He has a strong, fun-loving and supportive family and has been a consistent volunteer for projects and organizations in Homer and would establish an office there.

Mayor Micciches knowledge of our fisheries and the oil and gas industry, particularly LNG, will be of tremendous value to our communities in promoting intelligent growth and economic opportunity, while protecting our environment from which our lifestyle and livelihood derive. He is smart, energetic and optimistic. He is a great bridge between our past and our future at a critical time. It will be refreshing to have some support in the Senate for our area, particularly in helping Rep. Seaton with our natural gas projects, and fishery issues.

Democrats who have not changed their voting registration will not be able to vote for a Senate candidate but they can surely express their preferences to their Republican friends and neighbors and encourage them to turn out and vote. This election is about integrity, consistency, and results, and these two candidates, Paul Seaton and Peter Micciche, are well tested in those categories.

Emmitt and Mary Trimble