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Story last updated at 4:53 PM on Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Proposition 2 about citizens, local governments having a say

Theres a lot being said about Proposition 2 on the primary ballot. Unfortunately, most of it is not true or only partly true. Sounds familiar in an election year, doesnt it? Well, here are a few of things to think about.

At the present time, with no Coastal Zone Management Plan in force, the federal government could approve a fin fish farm in federal waters off the coast of Alaska. That means a large part of southern Cook Inlet is open to fish farming and the state and the Kenai Peninsula Borough have no power to stop it.

Alaska had a Coastal Zone Management Plan that was signed into law by Gov. Jay Hammond. While it was in effect, many big projects were approved including the Red Dog Mine.

Who is financing the Vote No campaign? Big corporations such as Shell Oil and Conoco-Phillips. If they can keep the state and local governments out of the decision-making process, they only have to lobby the feds. More bang for their buck. Its all about money for them. And we Alaskans are right back to where we were before statehood with the federal government allocating our resources and us not having anything to say about it.

Proposition 2 is about more than the Coastal Zone Management Plan. Its about where we, as citizens, want to interact with government. Would you rather talk to your local representatives that you see on the street or at community functions or take your chances with the Washington politicians? Think about it.

Proposition 2 is about citizens and local governments having a say about what happens in their neighborhood.

Corporations think if they throw enough money at an issue like this, well believe what they say. Irritate them by thinking for yourself. Please go out and vote.

David Stutzer