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Story last updated at 4:56 PM on Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Faulkner is the man

We are right when we say one can tell little difference between elected officials of either party any more. They all want to tax, spend and expand government to suit their fancy or the special interest group that brings the most pressure to bear. Legislators slowly strangle the average Alaskan with burdensome over-regulation and government bureaucracy. And the problem with legislators is that they must continue to pass additional laws to justify their existence. Such is the case with our current elected representative to the state Legislature.

We need a man who will hear every Alaskan yet will not bow to special interest groups, lobbyists or the opportunity to further control our life. A man where we, as individuals, have an equal voice with special interest groups, coalitions and major corporations.

We need a man who will exercise his office with integrity, courage, conviction and compassion. One who will be genuinely conservative in governance, passionate in the execution of his duties and hold firm to the intent of the Constitution.

I believe we have an opportunity to elect that kind of man in candidate Jon Faulkner. Honest, knowledgeable, conservative, passionate, faithful and caring.

Jerry Wood