Story last updated at 1:55 p.m. Thursday, August 22, 2002

Library help appreciated
Saturday, July 20, marked a special occasion for the library. We kicked off our Capital Campaign for a new library building in Homer with a salmon bake at the Street Fair. We thank Janet Bowen and the board of the Homer Council on the Arts for giving us a wonderful booth location and for its continuing generous support.

Ken Castner coordinated donations of beautiful fresh salmon from the F/V Dinero, F/V Kelsey, F/V Lucky Star and F/V Sundog. We thank Coal Point Trading Company for the fish processing. Deb Germano of Subway not only donated the soft drinks and potato chips, but also arrived at our booth before the Street Fair opened to help us set up the beverage dispenser. Small Potatoes Lumber Company donated the lumber for our booth, which was designed and built by Peter Kaufman and Tom Bursch.

Ann-Margaret Wimmerstedt painted our festive banner, which helped draw attention to our booth and lent a cheery atmosphere to our operation. Lorraine Williams drew a terrific cartoon of the library bursting at the seams for our information pamphlet.

We thank our 25 tireless volunteers who stood over hot grills, served beverages, cashiered, donated food, condiments and paper products, and talked to many people in the community about the new library project. Please stop by the library or check out our Web site to see the names of these wonderful volunteers.

We thank the people in the community for stopping by our booth to buy a plate of food and discuss ideas about the new library. Your comments will help us build a library tailored to the needs of our community. Thanks to everybody who helped make our first fund-raiser a success.

Helen Hill, library director