Story last updated at 1:48 p.m. Thursday, August 22, 2002

Letter angers reader
Whoever wrote the Gabriela and Konrad Schaad letter in the July 11 Homer News would make a good devious politician, trying to ride both sides of the fence by bragging on Alaska and tearing down the USA by being silent about it and then telling people "We don't know any better."

You should be ashamed of yourselves for not having the guts to stand up for this great country that has given so much to you, your children and tens of millions of people like you who have taken advantage of everything we true Americans have given you.

Being born in Egypt, where many mosques preach that killing American civilians and destroying America is a just cause, and so called "neutral" Switzerland, whose little mercenary army has fought for whichever side was most favorable to them in many years throughout recorded history (didn't some of them fight for the Nazis in World War II?), I guess we should cut them a little slack and see if there is any way we can educate them about how a real American should act and react, such as:

The United States of America comes first, not Alaska.

It's all right to be ashamed of a leader (such as President Bill Clinton) or a state, but never be ashamed of the hand that feeds you, the good old USA.

We Americans have given thousands of times more help to the impoverished millions of the world than the balance of the world combined. Who comes to our aid when earthquakes, floods or other catastrophes occur?

Maybe the fine teachers of the Schaad children can send study material on American history home with them, along with instructions on how to teach Americanism to their parents. Then perhaps with a little soul searching the Schaads can regain the exuberance for being an American citizen that they seem to have temporarily lost.

Come on Gabriela and Konrad, grow up, you can't have your cake and eat it, too. The next time anyone bad mouths America to you, be prepared to stand up tall for her and remind them of all the great things the U.S. of A. had done and continues to do for the good of all human kind.

Unless you change your attitudes, I don't think you'll find very many American citizens who would want you fighting side-by-side with them in any kind of battle. If you're going to stay here and reap the harvest, you should put in the same amount of patriotic service the rest of us do.

A proud American Army veteran of the Alaskan Air Command, 1940s, directly descended from Col. William Sims, American Revolutionary War,

Rich Sims