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Incumbent stresses experience, broad vision, ability to work with others
Rep. Drew Scalzi
Why I'mrunning

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Drew Scalzi  
The concept of our form of government was to send representatives from its citizenry to a neutral location every few years. They leave their businesses behind and take a turn at working with other representatives throughout the country deciding what is best for all.

I found myself in a position after eight years of local service on the borough assembly to be positioned well to represent the area. After thousands of hours of testimony, debate and legislative actions, skills were developed and acquired that are necessary for effective representation at other levels of service. There is a personal obligation on my part to offer those skills on behalf of the residents of District 35 and again represent the area.

We do not need representatives who are myopic in their viewpoint. The legislative process is made up of 60 men and women from across the state, divergent in their ideas, who must come to consensus for the betterment of all.

People who focus on solutions promote efficiency in government and instill confidence in the citizenry that government is indeed open and responsive. Attacking the methodology of introducing legislation for discussion is not productive. Encouraging the public to engage in dialogue is what "open government" is all about.

Ideas reach their full potential only through exhaustive examination in the committee process. They are then further fleshed out by both legislative bodies. Representatives with tunnel vision can only exacerbate the opinion that the government process is flawed.

We are at a critical time in the state with declining oil revenues and the growing financial burden of maintaining the infrastructure we have created with that wealth. We cannot tax our way out of the situation nor can we economically grow our way out of the situation. Only with good stewardship by knowledgeable elected representatives who have a grasp of municipal needs, business management incentives, sound resource management practices, and prioritizing our necessary expenditures can we with vision move forward.

It is not an easy or popular time to be an elected official. There will be decisions that are extremely unpopular to the uniformed electorate. Therefore, it will take people who have good communication skills and the fortitude to make those decisions based in reason rather than for personal political gain.

I believe I have demonstrated time and again the wherewithal to take those necessary stances regardless of political consequences.

Please exercise your constitutional right and responsibility and vote on Aug. 27.

Drew Scalzi, a Republican, was first elected to the state House of Representatives in 2000.