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Story last updated at 4:38 PM on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School supplies available

Homer Community Food Pantry sends many thanks to those churches and individuals that helped us with purchasing packs and school supplies for Delta Kappa Gamma's yearly school supplies distribution for students in Homer and Anchor Point. DKG has done this for the community for five years now. We are hoping if you have a need you will come by on Monday and sign up. Supplies will be available Aug. 22 through September. We are most appreciative of their efforts on the behalf of the students.

A group of 30 high school students led by Chris Burns (a former Homerite) from Christian Academy in New Albany, Ind., helped us organize and distribute food in July. They were a huge help. They truly surprised us with a very generous financial donation at the same time. Our hats are off to them for their efforts and generosity.

Safeway blew our socks off when they ran a month-long program where our community could donate $10 for a super charged grocery bag of dry and canned food items. Halfway through they recorded that 200 Homerites had paid for 200 bags. Wow! We're waiting to hear the final count.

We are most grateful to our community neighbors who have shared their fish and fresh vegetables this summer. It has to be a record. There are too many to put down, but you know who you are: Department of Fish and Game, Spruce Acres, Dr. Fowler, Saturday Market, Community Gardens, and many more.

It is not unusual to see our parking lot full on Mondays and even though we have fewer clients and volunteers in the summer, our job of food distribution goes on with the help of a faithful band of volunteers without whose help Mondays would not be possible. Come join us some Monday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. anytime you can and see if the experience fits you. We could use your help.

Please know that your continued support and encouraging contributions are appreciated and very much needed. It is wonderful to have any number of our community neighbors stop by with food items, vegetables or containers. We continue to work together to help others in our community and it is a beautiful thing. Thanks, Homer, for your kind and generous support over the years.

Diana Jeska and

Homer Community Food Pantry Board Members