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Story last updated at 4:20 PM on Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Many hands help raise the yurt

On behalf of the Fireweed Academy community, I would like to acknowledge a heartfelt thanks to all the folks who were able to help with our yurt raising. Community volunteers who were instrumental include: Brad Faulkner our straw boss; Kevin Strong of Strong Construction for loaning out most of his scaffolding in the height of construction season; Albert Arakelian for bringing out his crane and setting the ring in place, and Mike Neace for painting the floor, putting up scaffold and helping with setup. Parent Scott Wright worked diligently to get the floor built. Fireweed parents Malcolm Gaylord, Gunnar Person, Patrick Houlihan and Erik Pullman were an awesome crew to join Brad and Lee Tenhoff from Nomad Shelter in erecting the walls and rafters, then getting the insulation and cover on. Martin Renner, Jesse Sherwood, Mindy Hunter, Laura Barton and Briea Gregory helped in the afternoon with securing everything. Thanks to Kim Fine for providing snacks and pizza.

On probably the only sunny Saturday all summer, we were competing with Farmers Market, the city softball tournament and KBBIs Concert on the Lawn for folks time and energy so were especially thankful. Let it rain.

Kiki Abrahamson