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Story last updated at 4:20 PM on Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homer pets and their people blessed

During my recent visit to Homer, our beloved family dog, Delaney, reached the end of her long, happy life. I grew up in Homer but have lived in many places and taken my pets to many excellent veterinarians since I moved away 17 years ago. However, never before have I seen anything approaching the remarkable compassion of Dr. Dots Sherwood, who provided exceptional care for Delaney during the final years and hours of her life.

It warms my heart to know that the animals of Homer (and the people who love them) have such a remarkable veterinarian to care for them. Surely Dr. Sherwoods compassion and skill are matched only by the most admirable among us.

As legend has it, Saint Bridget of Kildare (patron saint of Ireland) was the personification of compassion, not only offering shelter, food and care to people in need, but healing and caring for animals of all kinds. Having witnessed Dr. Sherwoods care and compassion, I almost feel as though I have met Saint Bridget myself.

Erin Cline