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Story last updated at 4:16 PM on Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bachmanns statement dangerous

If there is one thing Ive ever agreed with House Speaker John Boehner on was his recent calling out of Rep. Michele Bachmanns vicious accusation as being pretty dangerous that Secretary of State Hillary Clintons aide Huma Abedin, a Muslim, was an agent of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. Bachmanns statement was for sure that: pretty dangerous.

What a consummate seeker of ill fortune Bachmann has made of herself with her doubling down her Joseph McCarthy era-like attacks over the summer that the Muslim Brotherhood had infiltrated our government.

Maybe even the president, himself, Michele? Is that whats being insinuated? He has a Muslim-sounding name and a Muslim father. Just what ill-will might be conjured up here, especially with so many Tea Party types insisting the president is an alien?

From such a poisonous atmosphere it shouldnt come as any surprise the horror we saw manifested in Oak Creek, Wis., recently: Sikhs in their temple, at worship, mowed down.

No, Sikhs are not Muslims, but they wear turbans. To todays far-rightwing, American Jihadist, thats close enough. Yes, Jihadist. People like Wade M. Page who opened fire on the Sikhs are just the opposite side of the same coin as the Taliban as far as Im concerned.

How unsettling this outburst of blood-drenched hatred is.

Today there is hand wringing over whether the threat from hate groups was overlooked. Whats been really overlooked is how Rep. Michele Bachmann and her brethren seekers of ill fortune have helped conjure up pure ill will from the depths.

I worry for our president. I worry for our country.

Tim OLeary