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Story last updated at 4:18 PM on Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beware of losing right to bear arms

Constitution founders knew all too well from history how governments evolve into tyranny. They established clearly and purposefully our right to bear arms as teeth and a last resort to the sort of internal overthrow that is going on in our own country now, and so well disguised.

In our founding fathers day, it was a level playing field, i.e. it took both sides a minute to reload their muskets.Even if fully automatic guns were legal they are pee shooters to the government SWAT-outfitted thugs. Our military is no longer working for we the people.Government is trying to slide in through the back door unnoticed ratification of a U.N. treaty to restrict gun ownership. Two votes short in Senate, last I heard.

There are five separate bills being rushed through Congress limiting Second Amendment rights. Coincidental Batman theater and Sikh shootings shortly before votes. Beware of false flags. Like 9/11 before the Patriot Act, or the counter-terrorism bill passedafter Oklahoma City.

If gun rights are taken, they wont be coming back. Next step enslavement. Then could ensue hundreds of thousands of unjust deaths worldwide by the hand of tyrannical government. History is rife with this as an end result.

The occasional lone crazy is one of the prices of freedom.

Rev. Richard Olson