Story last updated at 4:34 p.m. Thursday, August 15, 2002

Crisis help appreciated
After leaving an abusive marriage, I was caught unawares for being a single parent and bread winner. However, because of the love and support from wonderful people I am on the road to not only self-sufficiency but being a positive influence in this world. I want to take a moment and try to thank all the people who have been so instrumental in my path.

My mother, Pat Cahill, who opened her home to me and two small children. She gave me a safe place to heal, feel love and plan for the future.

To the village of Nanwalek, which took my family in and treated us as its own, your are an extension of my own family.

Tracy Philpot, with the South Peninsula Women's Services, for not only her non-judgmental listening and help in raising funds for my continuing education, but also her absolutely wonderful presence of peace and hope.

Amy Giriffith-Smith, coordinator of the Bayside services at the Community Mental Health Center, has been invaluable in our move over to Homer. She is enthusiastic and supportive of my family's endeavors. She and Russell Huffman have helped my son in adjusting to our past, present and future. I am honored to know such a vibrant spirit such as Amy. Through her, the resources were found to help us even more.

The Share the Spirit organization provided my family with the resources to buy a bed for my son, which helped him feel that our apartment was home.

Women in the Catholic Church opened their doors to clothe myself and my children, they also provided much needed furniture.

My friend, Jill Showman has shown me what a strong independent woman can do, including garage saleing for a friend from a cell phone!

Mary Ellen, the apartment manager, took the time to work with me in getting into our new home.

Sue Kohltfarber with Workservices has provided me with the resources to be successful in the job market. To all the mothers, and father, at the swimming lessons, who showed me that life goes on wonderfully normal, no matter what tragedies befall.

Thank you to all, I could name so many who have shown light, as we all could. My deepest hope is that you all reap the benefits of what you have given.

Laura Jacobsen, Jacob Jacobsen and Emelia Jacobsen