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Story last updated at 6:23 PM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enthusiasm for park project grows

I would like to thank the Homer Playground Project (HoPP) booth volunteers at both Concert on the Lawn and the Homer Street Faire. There are too many volunteers to list here, but thanks to you, we are spreading the word (and enthusiasm) about our efforts to rebuild Karen Hornaday Playground. A special thanks to Tia Petsch for loaning us her canopy tent for Concert on the Lawn, making it all possible. Thanks also to all who visited the booths, chatted with us about playground designs, and signed up on our email list.

Also, a big thank you to the kids who stopped by to play, and share their opinions about their favorite playground features.

What's HoPP about? We invite you to visit the present day Karen Hornaday Park Playground (now 15 years old), and join us in our efforts to make it better. Find us on Facebook (search Homer Playground Project), or send us a message at homerplayground@gmail.com.

Exciting upcoming HoPP happenings: a website, official logo, Design Day in the schools (Sept. 9) and a Design Kick-Off Party at Karen Hornaday Park on Sept. 10. We will have food, music, activities and unveil the first draft design for our new playground. We would love to have you join us in making Karen Hornaday Park a special place that Homer can be proud of.

Kate Crowley

Once again, a round of applause to Homer Rotary Club of Homer, Downtown, whose generous financial contribution is supporting the Pier One Youth/Teen Theatre of Shakespeare's The Tempest, directed by Clara Noomah.


Lance Petersen

Dear Editor,

I would like to sincerely thank Homer Council on the Arts for granting me a scholarship. Thanks to it, I was able to attend Sitka Fine Arts Camp in June. I had an absolute blast of a time at the camp and I enjoyed myself immensely.

From classes, to the artshares, to the various events held in the time inbeween, Sitka Fine Arts Camp was extremely enjoyable and has given me memories I will likely never forget. Lately, I have been thinking of pursuing a career in music. And the education I recieved from Sitka Fine Arts Camp would definitely be a great help. Thank you very much, Homer Council on the Arts for giving me the scholarship that helped me be able to go. I will never forget your act of kindness towards me which helped me gain my new and valuable memories.


Drew Turner.

I wish to thank the Friends of the Homer library for helping me and others get our new books printed and on the shelves of the 'Top Drawer' collection.

I want to make people aware of the outrageous unconstitutional congressional act of relinquishing the debt ceiling issue to a committee of 12 selected senate members. This sets a precedent that future issues congress feels are too hot to handle, they may delegate to some small committee that is much easier to manipulate through bribery, threat, party lines, croneyism or bad/incomplete information. It's a move towards dictatorial government. Spending bills are supposed to originate in the House of Representatives which this also circumvents. No members that voted against the bill will be allowed on the panel. Cuts in Military funding will not be on the table. Tax increases are a possibility on our already overburdened peoples. As the inevitable engineered collapse of the dollar unfolds, blame will no doubt be placed on those who try to warn and remedy.

Also Fukushima is at it again with record levels of radioactive releases this week. These recent rains have brought some of it here.

Rev. R. Olson

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