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Story last updated at 6:23 PM on Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Auxiliary's garden area worth noting

This is another one of those sappy yet heartfelt thank you notes that often appear on these pages. The local hospital is not a stop on my normal tour of the city, but in the few years that we have lived here we have been very impressed not only with the new facilities but also with the staff and administrative personnel on those occasions when we were required to go there.

However the purpose of this note is not about the building or the staff but to acknowledge the time and effort that the members of the hospital auxiliary expended outside the main entrance. If you haven't seen the small green area they have planted with a beautiful selection of plants, flowers and grasses it is worth at least a drive-by to admire their handiwork.

There are even a couple of sturdy but attractive benches to sit and ponder whatever strikes your fancy. I might even say the atmosphere is Zen-like, if I knew what that meant.

I still don't like having to go to the hospital but a nice building, attractive surroundings and a helpful staff make the trip a little less painful. Our thanks to all the members of the auxiliary who donated their time and energy to create such a beautiful distraction and complement to the rest of the hospital experience.

Bernie Gareau