Story last updated at 3:08 p.m. Friday, August 9, 2002

Being nice not enough
I was amazed to read Brian Bennett's letters on the opinion pages of the newspapers. He is the campaign manager for Drew Scalzi. I don't think the campaign manager should be using this page. The other letters in favor of Scalzi were "nice guy" letters.

Well, Paul Seaton is a nice guy, too. He has done a lot for this community, from working for sustainable, year-round fisheries (jobs), science projects for kids, to kids sports. Seaton has been to Juneau and Washington, D.C., several times to testify regarding fisheries, working hard for opportunities in industry for all of us. Scalzi came into my place of business after seeing a Seaton sign on the building.

He has all kinds of questions for me as to why I support Paul Seaton. Scalzi argued some points and I finally had to give him the cold shoulder to take care of my customers. I don't like having to defend my choice of candidate to anyone, much less the opposition, in my place of business. I want a representative who will work for his district and for all business in Alaska. Scalzi sponsored a bill that would have placed a gross receipts tax on all business. Seems he brought this up two years in row, but claims he just "threw it out for discussion." Well, it would be a pyramid tax in some cases, such as salmon.

Each fish would be taxed each time it was sold, from boat to processor to middle-man to retailer. I wonder what that would do to the price of Alaska wild salmon!

Bill Tener