Story last updated at 3:06 p.m. Friday, August 9, 2002

Anti-US sentiment unfounded
I once knew a man I thoroughly disliked. Unlike me, he had a deep voice. Unlike me he was good looking. He drove the car I always wanted. He owned a bungalow to die for. And his wife was very beautiful. Eventually I got to know him better, started to like him and realized my dislike had come from jealousy and envy, which is a factor that some people in this world have failed to include in their equation.

A friend I grew up with lives in Vancouver, B.C. He is perfectly willing to join the rest of Canada in their favored pastime of bad-mouthing Americans. I listen to it every time I visit down there. But in a reflective mood, my friend will readily admit that he would love to live in the United States. Asked why we are not better liked, he will tell you it is because "Americans do everything better." Those are his words, not mine. Americans are greedy, yes, but so is everyone else.

That seems to be a human condition. But nobody has the compassion of Americans -- nobody! The question also arises, "Why, with all the professional brainwashing and bad will toward America does everyone long to travel, go to school or live here in America?" Achim Jahnke