Story last updated at 3:04 p.m. Friday, August 9, 2002

Cuts before taxes
I heard Drew Scalzi claim his town meetings were a success because they led to the formation of a group called "Alaskans United." Don't be fooled by the name or claimed non-partisanship. The founders of this group represent interests that rely on state funding for their sustenance, such as educrats and municipal governments. This group does have a proposed solution, and it includes an income tax, despite their Web page's claim that they are merely trying to spark discussion about the fiscal gap.

What is needed in Juneau is some serious budget cutting before any discussion of taxes or raiding the permanent fund takes place. Paul Seaton has some ideas on cutting the budget, such as privatizing services wherever possible, leading to the elimination of entire layers of bureaucracy. Scalzi just wants to know whether you prefer to pay taxes or give up your permanent fund check. Alaskans United would like you to do both! Abigail Fuller


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