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Story last updated at 3:58 PM on Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seaton has this constituents vote

Not long after Paul Seaton began representing us in the Alaska State House, I asked him a question about a piece of legislation in which I was interested. Paul listened carefully to my concerns and then took time to explain the steps that had been taken, and those that still needed to happen for this legislation to be passed.

It was so clear that an effective legislator not only needed to do a great deal of study on issues, but find ways of working with other legislators in order to move any piece of legislation forward. Paul has shown he has the understanding and patience to work through the process in order to serve us. He uses his email to keep constituents informed about what is happening with the bills, and his staff has responded promptly to any questions I have emailed. I have watched the way Paul has worked and I see his values.

Based on that, I have confidence in his representation of us. I will vote for Paul Seaton to continue representing us.

Dotty Cline