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Story last updated at 6:36 PM on Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Republicans don't care about deficit

How many of you believe the Republicans and corporate-sponsored Tea Partiers in Congress are concerned about the deficit? If you raised your hand, go stand in the corner with your nose pressed to the wall and think about their activities. A group of people who ...

1. Set themselves apart from the American people by implementing an agenda that supports only the top 10 percent and sacrifices the rest, regardless of the wishes of said people;

2. Decide on their agenda and stick to it even though it creates an atmosphere of hostility, refusing to compromise or otherwise work out an issue unless their set-in-stone demands are met (in other words, blackmail);

3. Demand certain actions even though it doesn't make sense, like wanting to balance the deficit by cuts to social programs, even though they approved deficit-skyrocketing tax breaks for the ultra rich, which will economically devastate the United States (and how many struggling families can afford to have their elderly parents move in?);

4. Continue to use every vote that comes up to force the president to cede to their demands, even if it has nothing to do with the issue. Social Security didn't create the deficit or the need to raise the debt ceiling huge tax breaks, lots of wars, wasteful Pentagon spending and the profit-run "health-care" system have;

5. Release themselves, by the aforementioned actions, from being a participating member of a two-party system in effect running an internal coup to destroy the initiatives of the president and the people who voted for him;

6. Don't give a rat's @*%#^ about the deficit.

If the U.S. defaulted, it would have served their agenda vacuuming the resources and power from most of us up to the tiny elite on top; in other words, instituting fascism.

Katie Dawson