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Story last updated at 6:36 PM on Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ordinary hero knows magic of a hill

A good hill goes a long way, especially when you're a 6-year-old. With the right compliment of fixtures, a small hill can be a sledding opportunity, home to a great slide, a testing runway for cardboard wings and the foundation of a grand castle. A little dirt can hold a lot of promise and magic.

At Fireweed Academy on East End Road, we needed a little extra dirt magic, and we set to work on building a little hill. Over the summer, a bit of progress was made, but just a bit. That was, until last week. That's when we got serious and hired (we thought we hired) Jason Johnson.

Together with his excavator he pushed and pulled and lifted and shaped a hill so fine that we could almost hear kids laughing and playing even before he was finished. It's a thing of beauty, and we all are happy.

Then we discussed Jason's bill, and things got messy. Jason had stopped work on another job, trailered and drove the excavator to the school and spent an afternoon shaping a hill for the kids. It was a lot of work and yet the bill was ridiculous.

He charged us nothing. Zero. Everything was a donation for the kids. We were shocked, and we remain in awe of this man and his generosity. So on behalf of all the kids who will enjoy the magic for decades to come, we want to send out a big, giant thank you to our new Homer hero, Jason Johnson.

Daniel and Lisa Zatz