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Story last updated at 6:35 PM on Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cheers for Concert on the Lawn

Another outstanding Concert on the Lawn ushered August in with a weekend of great fun and music. It's really wonderful to see so many folks, young and old, enjoying visiting, dancing or just relaxing and appreciating the music and food offered by the nice variety of food vendors.

A fundraising event for KBBI public radio, the concert requires a lot of support from businesses and individuals to be successful. The musicians and bands created many memorable performances and kept the dance floor grooving. Unpaid but greatly appreciated, they share their music on stage to benefit KBBI and we are really grateful that so many talented musicians are so generous on our behalf.

A very special thanks goes out to Stewart Schmutzler, our stage construction lead, and his crew Albert Arakelian, Findley Abbott, William Miller, Bob Perry, Shirley Fedora and Bill Palmer. The stage was beautiful and sparkled in the sunshine. Thanks also to Findley Abbot for the colorful bubble machine stand; the young and young at heart can't get enough of those bubbles.

Thank you, volunteers all of you who helped keep things rolling over the weekend. A huge thanks once again to the city of Homer Parks and Recreation Department, Atigun Rentals for the power supply, Nomad Shelters for the hospitality yurt and Kenai Peninsula Orchestra for its tent.

And my gratitude and thanks to the KBBI staff, board of directors and community advisory board, who all contribute so much to Concert on the Lawn and local public radio. Thank you, everyone, who came to have fun and dance in the sun ... this concert's for you!

David S. Anderson

General Manager

KBBI Homer Pubic Radio

KDLL Kenai/Soldotna