Story last updated at 12:07 p.m. Friday, August 2, 2002

Information regarding courthouse activity is taken from logbooks and court-issued forms and may not contain all details of the final disposition of each case. Case files are available for public review at the courthouse.

Court records show the following actions taken in Homer District Court through July 30:

Cases filed in Criminal Court

Nick L. Thurman, 16, Anchor Point, minor consuming alcohol.

Christopher W. Johnson, 17, Anchor Point, MCA.

Shayna A. Hanshaw, 15, MCA.

Patrick R. O'Larey, 16, Anchor Point, MCA.

Travis W. Waterbury, 19, Seldovia, furnishing liquor to minors.

Timothy L. Grosdidier, 22, Seldovia, furnishing liquor to minors, two counts.

Chester T. Gourley, 26, driving while license suspended.

Sheri Lynne Carr, 37, DWI, refusal to take a breath test.

Fredrick D. Gailey, 37, fourth-degree assault.

Joshua A. Hilton, 19, DWLS.

Karen R. Roush, 52, DWI, refusal to take a breath test.

Philip W. Crosby Jr., 23, Boston, DWI, DWLS.

Timothy P. Dyer, 29, DWI.

Chester T. Gourley, 26, DWLS.

Kathleen Balsemo, 36, DWI.

Andrew L. Schmidt, 22, DWI.

Lucia K. Powers, 41, DWI.

Ero S. Walli, 54, DWI.

David S. Hoeldt, 23, fourth-degree assault, domestic violence.

Lawrance M. Hill, 49, third-degree theft.

Loren K. Dodds, 37, Wasilla, misuse of plates, third-degree criminal mischief.

Danelle R. Winn, 34, Anchorage, DWLS.

Cases filed in Civil Court

John R. Snow and Barbara Baraclough Snow, dissolution of marriage.

Eric Fenger and Celeste Novak, dissolution of marriage.

Stacy Owens vs. Fred Hecks, child custody.

James A. Duncan and Laura L. Duncan, dissolution of marriage.

Rita or Leroy Shoultz doing business as Bearfoot Trailer Park vs. Jim and Vicki McLay, forcible entry and detainer.

Leroy or Rita Shoultz vs. Kelli Peters, FTED.

Rita or Leroy Shoultz vs. Courtney and David Oliver, partial judgment for possession.

Small Claims

Northern Enterprises vs. Ken Fefelov and Fedor F. Fefelov, debt.

State Farm Mutual vs. Sherry Johnson, debt.

Cornerstone Credit Co. vs. Gretchen Shannon, debt.

Marriage License Applications

Brian A. Miller and Melisa J. Whigham, both of Halibut Cove.

Filip F. Martushev and Valentina A. Anufeitv.

Shawn A. McCrosky, Kake, and Robin C. Faulk.