Story last updated at 11:35 a.m. Friday, August 2, 2002

Dog's days on Baldy Mountain
Two men recently saved a dog from an uncertain fate after it was separated from its owner and lost for nearly three days on Baldy Mountain near Willow.

The dog, a 15-year-old terrier named Fefe, got loose from a box on the back of Lees Sherwood's bike as he pushed through a bog on the mountainside.

Sherwood lost sight of the dog after running into a sow grizzly and cubs.

"The worst part was not knowing what happened to her," he said. "I thought maybe the bear got her."

Sherwood returned the next day but was unable to locate Fefe, who he said is hard of hearing and has a bad hip.

The following day, he chartered a plane to search the mountain.

"I thought a little black dog would show up against the green background, but I was wrong," he said. "There are lots of dark shadows and bushes."

The same day, Haakon Weydahl and Joe Loyer were hiking in the same area when they spotted the terrier in a 150-foot ravine.

They climbed down and rescued the dog and brought her down the mountain on the back of Weydahl's four-wheeler.

They nursed the malnourished Fefe back to health and set about tracking down her owner. A call to a Maryland rabies clinic whose number was listed on Fefe's collar tag produced Sherwood's name.

Sherwood, a line mechanic on jumbo jets at Anchorage International Airport, rewarded Weydahl with $100, and Fefe with Burger King sausage patties.

--The Frontiersman