Story last updated at 11:31 a.m. Friday, August 2, 2002

Voters not represented
I am afraid that I must challenge the letters of support for Drew Scalzi printed last week that were written by Pat Moss and John Williams. I know little about Drew Scalzi, the man. I do know that he has survived a bout with cancer. After watching my father lose his own fight with the disease, I know a little of the fear and uncertainty that Drew must have had to face as well. For this, I am sure that he is a better man than I can ever hope to be. So, I cannot and will not criticize Drew Scalzi, the man. But I can and will criticize Drew Scalzi, the representative and politician.

Pat Moss lists some of the qualities of character that she believes Drew Scalzi embraces. "Strength of character, humor, and accountability" are all good qualities. Indeed, my own 9-year-old daughter extols the same virtues. But there is something missing if the only accomplishment that Pat Moss and John Williams can list is the Seafarer's Memorial. Being a softball playin', halibut catchin', lawn mower fixin' "good guy" does not a good representative make. You must have the best interests of the people that you have been elected to represent at the top of your list, and not your own agenda.

The majority of voters do not want the Permanent Fund dividend touched. They do not want an income tax. They do not want a sales tax, of any kind. They want less spending. They want more budget cuts. They want less government. But Mr. Scalzi refuses to listen. His "intelligent, responsive legislation" contradicts what the majority of Alaskans want. Let us see if Mr. Scalzi possesses the Clem Tillion and Jay Hammond-like greatness that John Williams says Drew Scalzi has. There is no greatness in going along with the crowd. A truly great thinker would find the answers in accordance with the people's wishes, not contrary to them. (Clem Tillion has one of the answers. Just ask him.)

Until then, Mr. Scalzi, the consummate chameleon politician, will be nothing more than just another "good guy" representative.

Doug Ruzicka

Anchor Point