Story last updated at 11:30 a.m. Friday, August 2, 2002

Memorial ID needed
I hope one of your readers can identify the memorial on Pedersen Island in Bear Cove. There are two memorials on the island. The white Russian Orthodox cross is in memory of Ted Pedersen. The white Latin cross has an 8-by-10 color photograph of a man who looks to be in his early 30s but no name or dates. I would like to identify the person who is memorialized by this cross.

The Kenai Totem Tracers Genealogy Society is in the process of updating its 1983 volume that recorded the cemetery inscriptions on the Kenai Peninsula. Members of the society are attempting to locate and record all the cemetery and memorial inscriptions in the borough. I am grateful for the help of Phyllis Cooper, who took me out to Pedersen Island and directed me to other memorials in Bear Cove so that they could be recorded.

Mary Calhoun, Homer city clerk, helped the society by making available the public records of the interments in the Hickerson Memorial Cemetery and the corresponding maps. Thank you, Mary. The inscriptions in that cemetery have now been recorded and will be checked once more in September to see if any new memorial markers have been placed during the summer. The society is grateful for the help of Margaret Anderson in mapping the Homer Community Cemetery. Her knowledge of early Homer residents aided in identifying an unmarked grave.

The Genealogy Society has recorded the memorials at the Seafarer's Memorial on the Spit and would like to include in its upcoming publication memorials or grave markers that are on private land, such as family cemeteries or homestead burials. Both Phyllis Cooper at 235-8820 and Margaret Anderson at 235-8725 have agreed to be Homer contacts for folks who have knowledge of private burials. They will record the name, any memorial marker inscription and the location of the marker (i.e. Bear Cove or Smith homestead). Or people can e-mail me the information at I particularly hope to hear from the person who can identify the memorial on the island in Bear Cove.

Kari Mohn, publishing committee chairperson

Kenai Totem Tracers Genealogy Society