Story last updated at 11:30 a.m. Friday, August 2, 2002

Lodge ruling misguided
Burn It Down, Mike. Don't feel bad.

They win because they're bigger and stronger and because They have no conscience. They rule the Game Board, and the governor has no strength against Them.

Burn down Chenik the way retreating people have burned their homes and crops down before conquering armies since forever.

Solstice used to come around in the spring and show off her new cubs, and lie there purring next to you while she nursed them, safe because she was near people she knew and trusted.

Do you want them to come in bloody from skinning out Solstice and soak in your sauna?

Do you want them to sit at that friendly table in that warm building, that has welcomed people from around the world, and lean back and laugh about how funny she looked trying to bite the spot where the bullet went in, how easy it was to walk up to her?

They are saying this is revenge because you were a "Bad Neighbor," because you didn't agree that hunting could co-exist with viewing.

The truth is we were bad neighbors because we helped destroy the myths that are the justification for someday having Solstice's hide hanging from a wall. Because we argued that bears that trusted you, and that could be trusted, should not be viewed in the spring and shot in the fall. Because we argued this was unethical and not Fair Chase. Because we felt there should be places in Alaska where the bear doesn't just belong to the person who has bought the tag.

Unless the state will use it, as soon as you're gone the Super Cubs can land in front of the buildings, and the buildings won't be there to give shelter to the crew of some shipwrecked fishing boat, but to people who know where there is an easy shot at a bear.

It was too wonderful a place to come to that.

Bill de Creeft

Kachemak Air Service, Inc.