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Story last updated at 3:39 PM on Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Go, Mitt Romney, go

Never before have I witnessed a candidate found in the position of Mitt Romney of always running against himself. From his performance as CEO at the private equities firm Bain Capital, to his performance as governor of Massachusetts, to the release of his tax returns, to his performance on the world stage, last week, in Great Britain, the poor man is always being stretched into a pretzel. I worry that his fellow Republicans might, still, yet find a way to dump him at their convention.

Yup, at this point, by golly, Im one of his greatest enthusiasts. Ill be cheering him on all during the Republican Convention. Ive said it before and let me say it again: Go, Mitt Romney, go.

By November, though, let it be to political wilderness that Mitt Pretzel rather, I mean, Mitt Romney goes. Isnt it amazing not even a half a billion in wealth has provided the poor man a measure of a straight inch of himself? Might it be, in fact, an ill fortune thats so contorted him? Hes not exactly what youd call presidential timber Republicans, do you think?

Anyway, go, Mitt Romney. go: be the flagship of the Republican Party.

Tim OLeary