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Story last updated at 3:40 PM on Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hip-hop connects generations

We would like to thank MC Lars, Tedxyouth@Homer, and Homer Council on the Arts for the opportunity to participate in the free hip-hop writing workshop. Together, from ages 12 to 62, we wrote a creative rap about Kachemak Bay. The oldsters loved working with the creative rap generation, the youngsters.

Dexter, a sixth grader, is a bright developing lyricist and was amazing to work with alongside his peers Charlie and Mykala and the others all of whom created a positive rap promoting the protection of our area.

MC Lars was inspiring in the creation of poetry in the hip-hop form. He also provided a better understanding of the history of hip-hop and the positive aspects of rap. The collaborative work was stimulating to develop and experience intergenerational writing.

Thanks to our awe-inspiring community.

Brenda Dolma and Sharon Baur


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