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Story last updated at 2:17 PM on Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Culinary arts professor to offer demonstration

Anchor Point Farmers' Market



Photo by Colleen Rindlisbacher

Rj Austin sits in one of his hand-crafted chairs while holding one of his best-selling items, a hand-crafted cork gun.

Thank you to everyone for hanging in there with our dedicated Anchor Point Farmers' Market vendors. With only one month left to go, the season is slowly coming to a close. There is still time, however, for some more live entertainment and exciting guest demonstrators.

On Aug. 6, the market will have a professor of culinary arts demonstrate some of his techniques. On Aug. 13, we will have a special guest of honor do a tribute to Beulah May Poindexter. Grandma's Hope Notes will perform in the name of Mrs. Poindexter, a generous and hard-working woman who had a tremendous influence on the way the greenhouse evolved into what it is today, a staple for the Anchor Point community.

If you knew Mrs. Poindexter or would like to celebrate her legacy, please come out to the greenhouse Aug. 13. If you would like to learn more about Grandma's Hope Notes, visit their website at http://www. grandmashopenotes.com/.

Now meet yet another Anchor Point vendor: Rj Austin was born in central New York state, two and a half blocks from College University,

"But it didn't do me any good living down the street from it," Rj humbly states. As Rj was growing up he was always whittling — maybe because his mother's grandfather was a master wood worker and because he always admired all of the neat things he did.

Rj says that over time, as he moved around, he would always look at other people's wood working and that inspired him to start doing it himself. The last 15 years Rj has been concentrating on all types of wood working. Rj tells me that his wife deserves much of the credit, since she has financed all of his projects and inspires him to keep on going. Rj Austin is one who has made a career out of doing something he loves

He especially loves being able to make things for his family, particularly his grandchildren.

To see Rj's work — and other vendors at the Anchor Point Farmers' Market — visit between 3 and 7 p.m. Mondays at the Anchor Point Greenhouse.

Colleen Rindlisbacher is part of the Anchor Point Farmers' Market.